20. februar arrangeres det første av fire webinarer. Tema er “How to create a contemporary art scene in rural areas” og Svenska Kostforeninger er verskap.

Alle som er medlem i en kunstforening kan delta på webinarene, og tillitsvalgte og ansatte er spesielt invitert. Webinaret er gratis.

ENAAK arrangerer i 2024 fire webinarer med ulike tema som er felles for kunstforeningene i Tyskland, Sverige, Norge og Finland. De fire medlemslandene er vertskap for hvert sitt webinar. Webinarene er alltid på en tirsdag og alltid kl 16:00 (CET) og engelsk er felles språk. Kommende webinarer annonseres her på våre nettsider, i nyhetsbrevet og i sosiale medier.

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How to create a contemporary art scene in rural areas

In this webinar, we will meet Gonçalo Marques, one of two founders of Moskosel Creative Lab, and Maria Ragnestam, curator and artistic director of Konstfrämjandet Norrbotten (The People’s Movement for Art Promotion Norrbotten). Both work in northern Sweden, the EU’s most sparsely populated territory with both rural and urban environments, where the indigenous Sami people have lived for thousands of years. Norrbotten is characterized by both a widespread mountain world and heavy industries, and the distances between different places are tangible, which can be both a challenge and an asset in the creation of a contemporary art scene. Gonçalo and Maria will share their experience from two different angles: Gonçalo on what it’s like to start up a new business for contemporary art based on ideas and a strong vision, and Maria will talk about the Luleå Biennale, which is the oldest art biennial in Scandinavia, initiated in 1991 and since 2018 organized by Konstfrämjandet Norrbotten.

Gonçalo Marques, an engineer, and his partner Linda Rehmal, a dance artist, are the force behind Northern Sustainable Futures and Moskosel Creative Lab. Based in the previously unused school building of Moskosel, plus several houses, their vision is a blend of art, nature, and cutting-edge innovation. They are transforming this rural village into a global attractive creative hub where artists can not only live and work but also engage in inspiring collaborations. They strive to cultivate a northern Sweden location that nurtures artistic talent and fosters the fusion of diverse creativity expressions.

Maria Ragnestam is a curator based in Kiruna, Sápmi (Sweden). Since she started Konstfrämjandet Norrbotten 2020 she also leads the work of Luleåbiennalen. She has most recently initiated the nomadic art institution Verdde, that will work to make the Sami presence visible in Norrbotten and contribute to include more Sami perspectives.

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Program 2024

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